Hiring a Mobile App Development Company vs. Freelancers

hiring mobile app development company
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Businesses often face a dilemma when it comes to mobile application development: hiring a company or hiring freelancers. This decision can impact the project timeline, budget, and the quality of the final product.

Each solution offers advantages and downsides that must be properly considered. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a custom mobile app development firm versus a freelance mobile app developer.

Choosing Between Freelancers and Mobile App Development Companies

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When you’re embarking on the development of a medium to large-sized mobile application that requires frontend, backend, database, and UX/UI design, a single person cannot complete the task within a reasonable timeframe. To deliver a cohesive, user-friendly, and fully functional mobile app, you need the expertise of a team of specialists. In this context, how do freelancers compare to mobile app development companies?

Freelancers are suitable for specific tasks they specialise in. For instance, if you require a graphic designer to produce your mobile application’s user interface or a backend developer to manage your mobile app’s server-side, then hiring a freelancer is a viable option.

However, for a comprehensive mobile app that requires multiple skilled specialists to build, it is advisable to hire an experienced team of specialists from a mobile app development company.

Ensuring Reliability in Mobile App Development

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Reliability is important in mobile app development, and clients need to be sure that their projects are in capable hands. With deadlines to meet, it’s essential to work with mobile application developers who can demonstrate a track record of reliability and has the necessary experience and skills to complete your mobile app project within the agreed timeframe.


Although some freelancers may offer lower hourly rates, they typically take longer to complete a mobile application compared to a professional mobile app development company. It’s also uncommon for a single freelancer to be proficient in both Android and iOS mobile app development since these platforms require different tools, skills, and development languages. You might end up needing to hire at least a few freelancers to get the job done.

While freelancers may be suitable for smaller mobile app projects and non-business mobile apps, they are generally not recommended for enterprise mobile app development.

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile app development companies provide full-service solutions for custom mobile applications, catering to enterprise-grade services that cover everything from mobile app design to project management, UX/UI design, and all the necessary components for building successful mobile apps.

For businesses with large-scale projects, a mobile app development company can fulfill all of their mobile application development needs under one roof. By outsourcing the entire mobile app project to a highly qualified team of developers and designers, clients can rest assured that they will receive a high-quality mobile app in return.

The top mobile app development companies offer cross-platform mobile apps, allowing for simultaneous development of Android and iOS mobile apps.

In addition to basic mobile app development, some mobile app development companies provide extra services such as backend infrastructure, mobile app publishing assistance, post-launch support, and even help with refining mobile application ideas to ensure market viability.


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The mobile application you plan to develop can streamline your internal processes or serve as a means to promote your brand to the public, or both. To achieve your desired results, the individuals involved in the mobile app development process must be committed to helping you reach your objectives during their engagement with your business.


Expecting loyalty from a freelancer may not be realistic. They work independently for a reason, which is to avoid being permanently attached to any company or business. If your mobile application project only requires specific tasks that can be completed without deeper engagement or understanding of your company’s vision, then hiring a freelancer may be suitable. Freelancers generally excel at delivering work that is well within their area of expertise.

There may be problems, however, if you expect a freelancer to take on tasks outside of their expertise or become deeply involved in your company’s success. Freelancers are primarily interested in completing tasks and receiving payment, rather than building a long-term business relationship with your company. It’s important to manage your expectations and to be clear about the scope of work you expect from a freelancer.

Mobile App Development Company

If you’re looking for a reliable and dedicated mobile app developer to help you grow and perfect your mobile application, hiring a mobile app development company is an excellent choice. They strive to understand your business and ensure their work reflects your values to deliver quality solutions.

Mobile app development companies work hard to establish their prestige and professionalism. With the right mobile app developer, you can expect them to stay with you throughout the mobile app’s lifecycle, providing ongoing support even after the initial contract ends. They offer mobile app maintenance and service level agreements to ensure your mobile application remains updated and bug-free throughout its life cycle.

By paying a monthly service or maintenance fee, you can rely on the mobile app developer as your go-to specialist for all things related to your mobile app. They will address all mobile application issues with respect to your needs and requirements.

Compared to freelance mobile app developers, mobile app development companies provide a more comprehensive analysis of your business requirements and offer long-term services and support. They can assemble a dedicated team to work solely on your mobile app project at any time, whereas freelancers work with multiple clients and may not always be available on demand. Overall, hiring a mobile app development company is a reliable choice for businesses looking for ongoing mobile app development and support.

Mobile App Development Budget

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Mobile application development has seen a surge in demand worldwide, leading to a shortage of qualified mobile app professionals and increasing competition among employers offering attractive remuneration packages and benefits. When selecting the right candidate for the job, your budget available for hiring plays a pivotal role.


Hiring a freelance mobile app developer can be a cost-effective option, as they typically have minimal overhead costs such as business maintenance, accounting, or management. They are often specialised in certain areas and only accept tasks they can manage independently.

Due to their lack of additional costs, freelancers can offer competitive rates for their services. However, one drawback of hiring a freelance mobile app developer is the lack of warranty for their services and low accountability for any errors or mistakes that may occur.

Mobile App Development Company

While the rates for a mobile app development company may be considerably higher, they often include risk management and warranty issues. This means that if anything goes wrong with your mobile application, you can rest assured that your mobile app developer will not abandon you in your time of need. It’s important to factor in these assurances when considering the overall cost of your mobile app development project.


When comparing freelancers to mobile app development companies, it’s important to keep in mind that they serve different needs. While freelancers are typically less expensive, they may not offer the same level of expertise or support as a company. Mobile app development companies, on the other hand, are better suited for comprehensive, high-quality solutions that require warranties, after-service, and maintenance. Although they may be more expensive, the added value they provide can make them a better investment.

While mobile app development companies usually employ teams of specialists, they may also offer to hire out individual mobile app experts to work with other teams. Freelancers, on the other hand, work independently and are best suited for mobile app projects that require specific skills, but not necessarily ongoing cooperation or strict deadlines.

Ultimately, the choice between a freelancer mobile app developer and a mobile app development company depends on the specific needs of the mobile app project at hand. By considering factors such as budget, timeline, and necessary expertise, it is possible to make an informed decision that will result in a successful outcome.

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