What is Mobile App Maintenance

what is mobile app maintenance
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Mobile app maintenance is a continuous process that involves updating, bug fixing, and improving a mobile application’s functionality after it has been launched. It also involves ensuring the mobile app remains compatible with changing operating systems and devices, providing technical support to users, and guaranteeing the security and reliability of the mobile app.

As a crucial part of mobile app development, mobile application maintenance services help to ensure the mobile app’s success and user satisfaction. Organisations with mobile business apps should prioritize mobile app maintenance to maximise the mobile app’s potential and enhance user experience.

Why is Mobile App Maintenance Important?

Mobile application maintenance involves improving existing features and services to meet user expectations. If you want your mobile app to thrive in the long run, ensure that your mobile app remains relevant and continuously updated to meet users’ ever-changing needs.

Moreover, mobile app stores establish strict quality standards, and failing to meet them may result in downgrading or removal of your mobile application from the mobile app store listing altogether.

Benefits of Mobile App Maintenance

1. Better Mobile App User Experience

By providing frequent mobile application updates, you demonstrate your commitment to your users and their satisfaction. Consistent improvements can also result in higher mobile app ratings, positive reviews, and an overall better user experience.

Neglecting mobile app maintenance can lead to a decline in downloads and ultimately result in lower returns on investment. In the event that your mobile app’s rankings decline, mobile app platforms may initiate a cleanup and remove your mobile application from their mobile app stores.

2. Better Mobile App Security

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Mobile applications are more susceptible to cyber-attacks as users often store their personal and financial information in them. Hackers may target your mobile app, making it vulnerable to security breaches. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor mobile app maintenance regularly to identify any security vulnerabilities and take appropriate action.

3. Better Mobile App Performance

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Operating systems continuously add new features and fix security vulnerabilities in earlier versions. By updating your mobile application to the latest operating system with regular mobile app maintenance, you ensure a better experience for your audience. Failure to do so could result in mobile app performance issues and significant mobile app software problems.

4. Faster Mobile App Bug Fixing

No mobile application is immune to bugs, no matter how well-built it is by a mobile app development company. Mobile application bugs can appear at any stage of development, especially when there’s a rush to release the mobile app.

As your mobile app’s audience grows, the likelihood of encountering mobile app bugs also increases. The more actions the mobile app performs and the larger the database becomes, the more support and maintenance it requires. However, with a mobile app maintenance plan in place, many mobile app bugs can be prevented or quickly resolved.

5. Mobile App New Features and Updates

Adding new features and enhancements regularly to your mobile application keeps your existing users engaged and attracts new ones as well. It also helps you keep up with other competitive mobile apps. To do this effectively, stay updated with the latest mobile app trends, release mobile app updates regularly, have a consistent approach, and be flexible.

Risks of Not Maintaining Mobile Apps

Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities

One of the most significant risks of not maintaining mobile applications is security vulnerabilities. Mobile apps that are not regularly maintained can become easy targets for hackers to exploit. Security breaches can result in a loss of data, leading to legal issues and loss of trust among users, which can be challenging to regain.

Mobile App User Dissatisfaction

Mobile applications that are not updated regularly can result in poor performance, slow loading times, and crashes. This can lead to user dissatisfaction, which can quickly spread through social media and other online platforms. Negative feedback from users can lead to a decline in mobile app downloads and a loss of revenue.

Negative Impact on Brand Reputation

Remember, mobile applications are a representation of your brand. Users might associate your outdated mobile app with a lack of effort on the part of your business. This can lead to a decrease in customer loyalty, which can be detrimental to the business’s growth and revenue.

Loss of Revenue

Neglecting the maintenance of mobile applications can have dire consequences in the long run, including huge loss of revenue. As previously mentioned, the dissatisfaction of users leads to a decrease in mobile app downloads, while security breaches can result in legal problems which can be costly to resolve.

Investing in mobile app maintenance can help you avoid such losses and safeguard your business’s profitability.

How Often Should Mobile Apps Be Updated?

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The frequency of mobile app maintenance required depends on various factors such as complexity, user base, technology used, and rate of changes in business requirements. For a simple mobile application with a small number of users, mobile app maintenance may only be necessary a few times a year. As for more complex mobile applications with a large user base, mobile app maintenance may need to be performed on a weekly or even daily basis. Regular mobile app maintenance is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of the mobile application and to address any security or performance issues that may arise.

Best Practices for Mobile App Maintenance

In order to provide your users with a seamless and great experience, it’s essential to follow the best practices for mobile app maintenance. Here are some mobile app maintenance practices to consider:

1. Adding New Features and Mobile Updates

Always keep an eye out for improvement areas and new features that will add value to your mobile application. Gather feedback from your users and use it to prioritise the most requested features.

2. Updating User Interface (UI)

To ensure the success of your mobile application, it is important to keep the user interface (UI) updated in line with current trends and usage habits. By doing so, you can keep your existing users satisfied and engaged. Regularly updating your mobile application’s UI can make your mobile app more appealing and help you stand out from competitors.

3. Monitoring Mobile App Performance

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Monitoring your mobile application’s performance is absolutely necessary to ensure it runs smoothly. Analyse loading times, lags, and responsiveness issues with the help of analytics reports. You should also track customer retention and churn rates, analyse customer patterns of usage, and monitor customer engagement and conversion rates.

4. Scheduling Regular Mobile App System Maintenance

Scheduling regular mobile app system maintenance is an excellent way to stay on top of potential issues or bugs. Inform your users beforehand about scheduled mobile app maintenance, and keep your mobile application up-to-date to avoid any major disruptions or downtime.

5. Properly Managing and Communicating with Users during Updates

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It’s extremely important to manage and communicate with your users during mobile application updates to avoid any confusion or dissatisfaction. Informing users in advance about mobile app system maintenance is a good practice that helps in keeping the app up-to-date.


Prioritising mobile app maintenance is a vital step to ensure your mobile application stays competitive and delivers ongoing benefits to your users. If you view your mobile app as a continuously evolving product, investing in mobile app maintenance should be a top priority to keep your mobile app up-to-date and meeting the needs of your users.

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